Train Away

Can’t make it to the studio? Bring Artisan PT to life at home with our Train Away programme; a monthly personalised food and fitness plan you can fit around your busy day


Step 1: Consultation

Because the best workouts are bespoke, your Train Away plan starts with a studio consultation, where we map out your goals and a tailored programme that works for you.

This is a chance to meet your trainer one-on-one. We’ll run a full fitness assessment, then teach you all the workouts you’ll be crushing over the next month. Get ready to learn some new moves.

When the 60 minutes are up, your personalised programme will be logged in your Train Away app. You’ll have a full food plan, plus a flexible fitness schedule that fits your routine.


Step 2: Crush It

Get started. Tap the app every morning to see your daily nutrition and fitness goals – from completing a circuit to doing a digital detox before bed.

Tick off your goals as you go. Nailed a 5k in 22 minutes? Hit your calorie target? Check it off. We’ll monitor your progress, and if you have questions, you can instant message us in the app.

The app is packed with exercise videos for every one of your routines, so you won’t be working out solo. We’re with you every step of the way.


Step 3: Come Back

When the month is up, come back for a check-in with your trainer. We’ll assess your progress, set new goals, and refine your plan so you can keep on working hard at home.

Ready, set, repeat. Each month, your plan – and your results – will level up. So, let’s get started: contact us to book your first Train Away consultation.