The team.

Get to know the trainers changing the fitness game at The Artisan PT. They’ll challenge, inspire and educate you, keeping you fired-up every step of the way.



Level 3 Advanced diploma in Personal Training
Level 4 diploma in Obesity and Diabetes
Level 3 certificate in Pre and Post-Natal exercise
Level 3 certificate in GP exercise referral
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
L4 Nutrition Coaching
First Aider

Meet Samantha

I grew up on team sports and thrived on pushing my body to run faster, jump higher and do whatever it took to win. It was inevitable that I would eventually find myself in a gym. Always in pursuit of a leaner, stronger body – or just one that I felt looked good and worked for me – it didn’t take long for me to become uninspired by the resistance machines and long, slow runs on the treadmill.

Eventually, I was lured into what I would have previously described as the ‘man section’. Here, in the free weights area is where I discovered how to train in a way that was not only effective, but efficient. I could be in and out within an hour having not only exhausted myself, but also made real changes to my body – no crazy diets necessary.

As a personal trainer, this is my aim for my clients too. I help to eradicate the stumbling blocks both novice and experienced gym-goers encounter, making transformations possible. From our first session, I will work with you to understand your real goals and figure out what bespoke steps are required to realistically achieve and maintain them – that’s what The Artisan PT is all about.



Level 2 certificate in Gym Instruction
Level 3 Advanced diploma in Personal Training
Spin Instructor
First Aider

Meet Nareese

I’m a chef-turned-trainer who’s ready to put you through your paces in the studio and help you out with a food plan that’s both nutritious and delicious. I’ve always been passionate about health and fitness, and I found my love for training when I was working to achieve my own goals in the gym. That’s how my journey started.

Now, I’m focused on making you burn, building up your confidence, and helping you feel empowered from session to session. Seeing you make achievements and improvements is the best part of my job. My specialist areas are body fat reduction, muscle tone and development, strength and conditioning, nutritional advice and postural analysis. Come to me for all the weight loss advice you need.

I can’t wait to meet you in the studio soon. Just make sure you ask me about my recipes; I’ve got plenty of healthy ideas for you to cook up in the kitchen.



BSc in Strength and Conditioning
Level 3 Advanced diploma in Personal Training
Level 2 British weightlifting coach
First Aider

Meet Lewis

Inspired by my brother, I took up martial arts at a young age, and this has stayed with me throughout my life, to the point where I now compete in Mixed Martial Arts. But my passion for the sport doesnt stop there; I love teaching others about the fitness-boosting effects of martial arts and boxing, which gives me a unique and informed perspective on weight loss, in particular.

Martial arts requires optimal strength and tone which has to be maintained, as well as athletic stamina; you need to keep your energy up when faced with your opponent. Because I have to reach such high levels of fitness in my sport, Ive got endless advice for the people I train, with a focus on making them feel stronger and more confident.

And, because Im an athlete who wants to fight as much as possible, I specialise in exercise tweaks and post-workout therapy to reduce pain. If you struggle with DOMS or youre prone to aches, I can help you find a fitness routine that works you hard while preventing any injuries.