Meet Sam

Personal Trainer


  • Level 3 Advanced diploma in Personal Training
  • Level 4 diploma in Obesity and Diabetes
  • Level 3 certificate in Pre and Post-Natal exercise
  • Level 3 certificate in GP exercise referral
  • First Aider

Exercise has long been my ‘thing’…

I grew up on team sports and thrived on pushing my body to run faster, jump higher and do whatever it took to win. It was inevitable that I would eventually find myself in a gym.

Always in the pursuit of a leaner or stronger body, or just one that I felt looked good and worked for me, it didn’t take long for me to become uninspired by the resistance machines and long, slow runs on the treadmill. I was lured into what I would previously have described as the ‘man section’. Here, in the free weights area is where I discovered how to train in a way that was not only effective, but efficient. I could be in and out within an hour having not only exhausted  myself, but, also made real changes to my body. Without having to  subscribe to a crazy diet, or spend all my free time at the gym I was able to precisely craft my body into the ideal me.

As a personal trainer, this is now my goal for my clients too. I aim to eradicate the stumbling blocks both novice and experienced gym goers encounter. From our first session I will work with you to understand your real goals and figure out what is needed to realistically achieve and maintain them – taking into consideration your natural body shape and metabolism as well as your work and recreational life.

I don’t believe in crash diets. I believe that hard work pays off. Training one-to-one using tried and tested methods in a private environment ensuring that no time or energy is wasted is key. Spending too much time in the gym undoubtedly leads to loss of concentration and enthusiasm before boredom sets in. The alternative is to train efficiently and effectively and positively look forward to your next session.


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